Anonymous asked: how do you put the text on the picture like that? id really love for you to answer.:(

I use photoshop and use a drop shadow.

Anonymous asked: When you wrestle around ((hope i did that right))

we have similar ones

kaitlyntucci-deactivated2012030 asked: Do you have any other blogs like this? I'm trying to find more typography blogs like this and Perfect Bucket List.

No, this is our only one. 

but you could check out

aquashores asked: just went through all of your posts and saw some of my suggestions were taken, but maybe you can use a few?:) I love your blog it makes me so happy just took pictures of some of them and sent them to my boyfriend

aw, glad you like them! 

Anonymous asked: Can you make one that says "Sleeping together" or something along the lines of thaaat.

We have a couple similar ones :)

younngatheartt asked: you are my new favorite blog <3 I'm in a ldr & all of these remind me that it's all worth it :)

aw, thank you